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Sharks, hemlines and the economy

According to traditional hemline theory ,as hemlines go up so does the market-remember the Roaring Twenties when the flappers’ skirts got noticeably shorter, or the Swinging Sixties heralding the miniskirt and a long up cycle in the market ,and as hemlines go down so does the market -as we witnessed in the 30s and 40s.

Now, according to  George Burgess, ichthyologist and director of the International Shark Attack File,at the University of Florida we can say ,with science on our side,that as shark attacks go down so does the level of economic activity .Perhaps the trend might be reversed if our ladies were to lift their skirts at the sharks!For more information, see: University of Florida. « Shark Attacks Decline Worldwide In Midst Of Economic Recession. » ScienceDaily 20 February 2009. 20 February 2009 <http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/02/090219111000.htm#>.


Liszt:Grand Galop chromatique

One of the more show-off compositions of Liszt.Here are several versions,some by Cziffra at different times.

Une des pièces de Liszt permettant de montrer la virtuosité  de l’interprète même si la qualité musicale de la composition peut être débattue.A vous de juger entre les versions de Cziffra,celle de Bolet ou celle de Fiorentino vous preferez: